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BDIX accepts sponsorship from our members, partners, development agencies and other organisations in various ways. To sponsor BDIX you need to meet our sponsorship criteria. If you intend to sponsor BDIX please write to us or call us.

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Fax: 88-02-9118543

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Over the years BDIX has sponsored, facilitated or supported projects, events and developments initiative that helped progress the deployment of the Internet and its applications, helped sustain the activities of the peering community in the country. This helped the ultimate goal of ICT development in the country. All are done for the development, betterment and progress of Internet and Internet community in the first place. Examples of such activities/facilities include:

  • Besides its Internet Exchange Point Services in collaboration with different internationally reputed organisations it hosts and operates the services of F-root server, Apnic Community services, Verisign TLD Services, Team Cymru community services, etc for the Internet community.  
  • Facilitating several training program in collaboration with organisations like APNIC, ISPAB etc.
  • Research and statistics projects (Caida, RIPE, ISC, PCH).
  • Set up and sponsoring of ISP conferences, peering events and tools.

In its long journey BDIX received and continues to receive several kinds of collaborative support from different types of organisations and partners like UNDP Bangladesh, APNIC, ISC, Verisign, PCH, BDCOM etc. All collaboration and sponsorship are acknowledged duly.