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BDIX accepts sponsorship from our members, partners, development agencies and other organisations in various ways. To sponsor BDIX you need to meet our sponsorship criteria. If you intend to sponsor BDIX please write to us or call us.

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IP Phone: 88-02-09666910309

Cell: +8801711435267
Fax: 88-02-9118543

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The BDIX is a layer two Internet Exchange over Ethernet. All members connecting to BDIX are exchanging data via an Ethernet which is a layer two technology. Each ISP is connected to BDIX with their own individual router. All routers on the Ethernet are allowed to peer by exchanging routing tables through the route server set up by BDIX using BGP4. BGP and OSPF are running on the routers. As additional services replica of F-root server, Verisign TLD server, and Apnic Community Services  installed and attached to the witch. For monitoring and network securities services PCH, Team cymru and CAIDA equipments are attached with the switch.