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BDIX accepts sponsorship from our members, partners, development agencies and other organisations in various ways. To sponsor BDIX you need to meet our sponsorship criteria. If you intend to sponsor BDIX please write to us or call us.

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IP Phone: 88-02-09666910309

Cell: +8801711435267
Fax: 88-02-9118543

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Over the years BDIX has sponsored, facilitated or supported numerous projects, events and developments activities that helped progress the deployment of the Internet and its applications or the peering community in particular in the country. All are done for the development, betterment and progress of Internet and Internet community. We feel this is our contribution to Society.

F-Root Server

The F-root server is one of the 13 existing Internet DNS root servers that resolve lookups for domain names all over the world and form a critical part of the global Internet infrastructure. BDIX is hosting an additional copy (anycast copies or mirror) of the "F" DNS root server in Bangladesh at the Bangladesh Internet Exchange premise. Read More

Apnic Community Services

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is active in the region and globally supporting the Internet community in a number of ways. APNIC provides financial, technical, and informational support to the Internet community to promote the growth of the Internet. APNIC provides Root Server Deployment and Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service through its community services in Bangladesh. Read More

Verisign gTLD Services

Verisign operates two of the Internet's most important thirteen root nameservers, the authoritative registry for the .com and .net. BDIX is hosting of gTLD mirrors(.COM, .NET) by Verisign. Read More

Team Cymru Community Services

Team Cymru Research NFP is a group of technologists passionate about making the Internet more secure and dedicated to that goal. They work closely with and within Internet security communities and they all need help to ensure that their parts of the network remain safe and secure. Team Cymru helps organizations identify and eradicate problems in their networks, providing insight that improves lives. Read More

PCH looking glass, .org mirror & NTP services

Packet Clearing House (PCH) operates public Looking-Glasses and routing data-collection facilities at many Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) around the world.  Besides they provide NTP,  .org and other ccTLD mirror servers services also. Read More

CAIDA services

CAIDA is a collaborative unertaking among organizations in the commercial, government, and research sectors aimed at promoting greater cooperation in the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure Read More

SIP Inter Connection Server 

BDIX Hosts SIP Inter Connection Server for providing support to IP telephony service providers of Bangladesh.  Read More