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BDIX accepts sponsorship from our members, partners, development agencies and other organisations in various ways. To sponsor BDIX you need to meet our sponsorship criteria. If you intend to sponsor BDIX please write to us or call us.

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The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) is a collaborative undertaking among organizations in the commercial, government, and research sectors aimed at promoting greater cooperation in the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure.

CAIDA investigates practical and theoretical aspects of the Internet in order to:

  •  provide macroscopic insights into Internet infrastructure, behavior, usage, and evolution,
  •  foster a collaborative environment in which data can be acquired, analyzed, and (as appropriate) shared,
  •  improve the integrity of the field of Internet science,
  •  inform science, technology, and communications public policies.
  • CAIDA's members use this organization as a focal point for promoting greater cooperation in the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure. CAIDA provides the world with a neutral framework to support cooperative technical endeavors that have the potential to be critical in meeting the demands of an exponentially growing system of networks.

CAIDA seeks to address engineering concerns relating to topics that:

  •  are macro-level, cross-ISP in nature, e.g., infrastructure level measurements and analyses
  •  evolve technologies to scale up the performance of the Internet, e.g., web caching, multicast
  •  promote enhanced understanding of traffic trends affecting individual and global Internet infrastructures, e.g., characterization of traffic behavior using active and passive measurements and the analysis of routing data
  •  improve ISPs' ability to manage their networks through improved traffic analysis and visualization tools

Insofar as possible, CAIDA serves as a facilitator for collaborations in these topic areas, and provides a framework for commercial and research organizations to jointly address areas of common interest. Tools and methodologies developed by CAIDA are intended to have broad applicability within the industry.

CAIDA deployed small, inexpensive network measurement nodes, based on the Raspberry Pi, in the Ark measurement infrastructure at BDIX premises. Raspberry Pi is as capable as a desktop system and offers a flexible Linux-powered programmable platform for conducting networking research.

BDIX is hosting equipments and providing support for the above mentioned services as its community services initiative for the local Internet community.

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