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BDIX accepts sponsorship from our members, partners, development agencies and other organisations in various ways. To sponsor BDIX you need to meet our sponsorship criteria. If you intend to sponsor BDIX please write to us or call us.

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Twenty four hours support

IP Phone: 88-02-09666910309

Cell: +8801711435267
Fax: 88-02-9118543

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The BDIX price structure is straightforward. Unless mentioned otherwise we only apply monthly port prices. The price strategy, structure and policy is proposed to and agreed upon by the Trustee Board of the BDIX. According to the Commercial Strategy agreed upon by the Trustee Boardin the following applies.

Port Prices for Internet Peering

Prices as of January 1, 2017

Port Capacity
Monthly fee in TK.
100 Mbps
1 GB Port
10 GB Port 30,000.00

Other Charges


Terms & Conditions

  • Unless mentioned otherwise all prices are in Bangladeshi Taka per month basis.
  • Price is excluding VAT charge.
  • Invoicing is done on a monthly basis unless you choose for annual payment for which a 3% discount applies.
  • Charging starts on the production date, with a maximum of 30 days after assignment. 
  • The payment term is 30 days from the invoice date (as listed on the invoice).
  • The prices do not include colocation or cross-connect fees.
  • We do not charge any fees for a change (relocation/upgrade/downgrade).
  • All applicable taxes will be over and above these rates